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My clients don’t get just welcome gifts, good vibes and powerful sessions—they get results as well. 


See the results for yourself! Here are some client wins and income growth…


Do You Want Results Like This?

There’s some pretty cool stories behind some of those screenshots.

For most of my clients it’s not just about the money and business wins (although that’s a huge part of it) it’s also about the mindshifts and internal wins that come with it. 


Check out some of my client success stories below. 

How Zoe took her yearly revenue from 36K to 400K by working with me

Zoe came to me making 36K a year and working 40+ hours a week with only stream of income. Now, she’s not only a Beauty Business Owner, but also an online educator in the beauty space, who works a maximum of 25 hours a week from her salon and has a business revenue of 400K. When Zoe came to me, her goal was to have financial freedom which allowed her to work whenever and wherever she wanted. In order to do that, we worked through the internal systems and beliefs that governed her mindset. Breaking through these with CEO mindset & embodiment work set her up for success once we jumped into the more strategic side of the business coaching, like building authority on social media and product suit development and online course creation. At the end of our time coaching together, Zoe has a product suite of 3 Online Courses, which inject her business with consistent 100K cash launches. With over 1000 students enrolled worldwide, and now the biggest audience and empire in her industry world wide, Zoe is able to educate and help people achieve their goals while also getting more time for herself and her mental health. Just because we finished working together, doesn’t mean she’s not still smashing her goals. She’s currently in the process of creating an ebook, looking to open up a salon space, planning to buy more investment properties and aiming for a $500k financial year. In Zoe’s words: “The opportunities that have opened up for me since working with Rachel are more than I had ever imagined. My goals have altered so much for the better and I am honestly so happy I have found her. She has guided me down the direction I have always wanted to go, “success” I am now getting a little taste of what success means to me and we still have so much more to go. We created an online Masterclass in just under 7 weeks and made $15k overnight with 49 students enrolled. I am so blessed to have found this woman! She is such an amazing, friendly and fun person to work with. (Side note: this review is from when we FIRST started working together, her launches have doubled since then!) A detailed breakdown of what we worked on: CEO mindset & embodiment Belief systems Habits & routines Building a brand with authority Expert positioning & messaging Social media Product suite development Developed 3 in-depth online courses from scratch Selling online & offer launching Sales psychology Created systems to scale Tech, software & automation Created her 500K blueprint (strategy on how to hit half a million)


How Alisha Went From Making 6 Figures A Year To 6 Figures In Under 90 Days (Whilst Working Less Too!)

Alisha came to me making 6 figures a year and working 40+ hours a week with only one stream of income. She was stressed, lacked clarity and felt run down by her business. Now, she has the largest day spa and beauty salon in her state, makes multiple 6 figures working only 2 days a week, has won various awards in her industry and has her own team of staff bringing in income and servicing appointments. When Alisha came to me, her goal was to create financial freedom and start having her business work for her, and not the other way around. In order to do that we worked on her vision and goals for the company, built out marketing and social media strategies aligned with her needs, introduced new streams of income like products and trainings, and focused on scaling by hiring a team to support her. At the end of our time coaching together, Alisha has built a highly successful company, has now scaled her revenue to 300k+ per year, and reduced her working hours to 2 days a week whilst still turning over 10-15K per week in revenue. Her business now provides her the freedom she was seeking by being able to work and travel whenever and wherever she wants whilst her company still makes a profit and runs without her. And the best part? She’s only 22 years old, her success is just beginning! In Alisha’s words: “Without Rachel in my life I would be a flustered, stressful & ran down business owner. I am now inspired & determined with 2 income streams! Not only in my business have I changed and grown, but within my personal life & within myself.”

How Brooke went from making 27K a year to working half the time and making TRIPLE her monthly income 

Brooke came to me making 27K a year, feeling like she was working too much and getting nowhere. She was a stressed out CEO!! Now, her beauty business has exploded. She has taken her income streams from 1 to 6, with 3 launches in the pipeline and plenty more planned. When Brooke came to me, her goal was to grow her business without becoming overworked and overwhelmed. She wanted to transform her mindset to a place where it could be more positive and allow her to have the growth she knew she deserved. In order to do that, we worked through some of the limiting beliefs that were keeping her stuck in an endless cycle of hustle and grind. Setting her up with CEO mindset & embodiment work paved the way for her success as we worked through the strategy and tactics of developing her product suite, with courses and training academies and building her brand with authority. At the end of our time coaching together, Brooke has a 5 product suite that brings in 5 streams of income, is consistently booked out 6 weeks in advance, has hit an multiple 5 figure cash month and works half the hours with almost triple her monthly income. In fact, Brooke saw such success during our time together, she just re-signed! In Brooke’s words: “My business has grown so much, my mindset is beyond amazing, everything is so positive now, my life is organised and I have so much freedom! My personal world feels free, calm and content, I’m so grateful to work with you and transform every aspect of my life ❤️❤️❤️”

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