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I help coaches and service providers build 6 figure businesses and become powerful leaders that stand out

From high-school and corporate drop out to

hitting 60K Months!

Hey Gorgeous!

I'm Rachel Kelly!

I'm a Mindset and Business Coach for driven women who want it all - the freedom, the income and the impact.

You're here to make your mark. It's my job to help you do that.

Three years of full-time coaching experience has molded me into an evil business genius just BURSTING with ideas and strategies to take you from daydreamer to a powerful leader who stands out. I went from highschool and corporate dropout to hitting $60,000 months, so you can betcha bottom dollar I know EXACTLY what it takes to move your business from zero to $100k using organic methods. 

Combining self-mastery, strategy and soul, my signature framework allowed me to take my own brand from $0 to multiple 6-figures in under 6 months and has repeatedly helped business babes just like you create and grow their own 6-figure businesses too. 

Imagine having a business that feels 111% in alignment with you, a raving community of fans begging to work with you, and a full roster of clients getting result after result.


 Whether you're a coach or an online service provider, I have the tools, the strategies, and the experience to help you create the impact and the income you've always dreamt of.


become powerful leaders that stand out

I help coaches and service providers build



This is the ULTIMATE 1:1 private coaching experience, tailormade to suit your needs and your business.


Suitable for businesses at all stages, whether you're in the planning, start-up or growing phase, I can help you.


 If you're ready to hit your first $100K using organic methods in your dream business and finally have the impact and the income you desire (and deserve!) then this is for you.

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Book me for your next event!

I love to talk about everything - from my personal journey of overcoming abuse and violence to build a global multi 6 figure business and anything in between including mindset hacks, business strategies and my love for pink gin and reality tv.

I can talk on your podcast, interview your VIP guest, moderate your panel, facilitate a  workshop or breakout session, or speak on your stage.


Are you ready to go all in on yourself and your dreams?


Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a free 1:1 clarity call

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