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Are you ready to work smarter rather than harder

and learn how to grow your business and start building wealth through passive income? 
Your dream life is entirely possible

You might have seen me in

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Business Mentor & Growth Expert

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I'm Rachel

A Business Coach for driven women who want it all—the freedom, the income and the impact.

6 years of full-time coaching experience and 11 years of creating and scaling

businesses has molded me into an evil business genius just BURSTING with ideas and strategies to take you from daydreamer to a powerful and embodied CEO (with multiple income streams!)

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Welcome To Your Next Chapter

You're Here To Make Your Mark On The World. It's My Job To Help You Do That


I’ve had the privilege of working with over 100s of powerful, driven, totally badass women all around the world just like you create 6 figure businesses, have 5 and 6 figure cash launches on their products and services, and consistently bring in 5 and 6 figure months with recurring revenue through passive income streams like courses, trainings and programs.


We’re talking the big leagues here—10K, 20K, 55K, 100K and BEYOND. 


With my online courses, intensives and exclusive private coaching programs, I can help you lay the foundation for your business to sky rocket and help you put your thoughts and dreams together into an organized strategy for success.

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Maybe this is the first time you’ve ever invested in your personal and business growth, or maybe you’re no stranger to the coaching industry and the wild results and transformation that happens within a coaching container

Either way….. There is only one thing you need to consider right now

whats more costly than investing in your dreams and success?

  • Staying exactly where you are right now and life looking the exact same in a years time

  • All the years wasted trying to “figure it out” on your own

  • The impact of unnecessary struggles and mistakes in your business

  • The missed income and opportunities

  • Watching everyone else kill it whilst doubt and fear controls you

Or even worse… the death of your dreams and the business you worked so hard to create.

Are you ready to flip that script and change the narrative? Because success is now yours for the taking.

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1:1 Business Intensives

This is a high-impact, results-driven business intensive for the woman who is ready to

transform her life and her business but isn’t ready to commit to long-term coaching.


Suitable for coaches or online service providers who are stuck, overwhelmed or sick of trying to figure it all out on their own and need a helping hand to reach their big goals.


You’ll walk away with a fire in your soul and an action plan to get you to that next level in your business.


WARNING  - this offer is truly VALUE packed and RESULTS focused!!!!

Vip Business Coaching

This is the ULTIMATE 1:1 private coaching experience, tailormade to suit your needs and your business. This is my most sought after experience of working privately with me.


Suitable for businesses at all stages, whether you're in the planning, start-up or growing phase, I can help you.


If you're ready to scale your business and create passive income using organic methods in your dream business and finally have the impact and the income you desire (and deserve!) then this is for you.

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Courses & Programs

There are a few exciting and transformational courses and online programs available to you from Rachel Kelly. Each offer has been built from love with the utmost highest focus on getting you results. Rachel has crafted these programs from her 11 years of experience, long list of client results and with the guidance of other experts in various fields. 


These courses are done at your own pace, in the comfort of your own environment and consist of a lot of the strategies Rachel teaches to her private mentoring clients that are now available to you for a fraction of the cost.

Join our signature programs;


CEO School (coming soon!)

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My Clients Have Some Pretty Sweet Things To Say


Ready to uplevel your mindset from struggling to abundant?

Thought you might be... then you better get your hands this little freebie


The 6 Figure Mindset


First comes mindset, then comes limitless potential. Download my ultimate guide to creating an abundant mindset so you can stop being broke and start being that kickass business women you've always wanted to be

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Want to hear more about how I can transform your life? Contact me today to schedule a free 1:1 clarity call

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Did I mention I'm the youngest member on the Forbes Coaches Council?

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