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Hey there,


I’m Rachel - a business coach, mindset mentor, motivational speaker, dog mumma, badass and absolute goal slayer and it’s my mission to help you HAVE IT ALL!

My purpose on this earth is to empower, inspire and educate women to understand that underneath all the fears, beliefs and traumatic experiences holds courage, divine purpose and limitless potential.

My mission is to reach as many women as I can and show them that no matter what cards you were dealt you can have it all - the freedom, the happiness, the income and the impact you desire and deserve.

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Let's get


Most days you can find me lounging by the beach on the Gold Coast with my fur baby Bijou or speaking on stages around the country about all things self mastery, business development, strategy and soul.​

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A few years ago, I made a commitment to myself to do the deep, deep down work to change my outlook on life.

I accepted and honored who I am, got clear on my vision and what's really important to me and that's when something incredible happened: I was able to recognize the limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

As a result, I could surrender to them and drastically shift my mindset. I committed myself to learn the tools and develop the skills to build multi 6 figure businesses and brands using organic methods.

With five years working in commercial and business law plus four years in sales and marketing setting the foundations for my business, you can bet have the knowledge and the know-how to back me up and set you up for success. 

Through the power of manifestation (mixed with a lil’ bit of hard work) I was able to manifest my dream job and my dream life. Full of happiness and fulfillment instead of pain and fear.

I took that $1 and that dream and turned it into an international coaching business. 

Because the world NEEDS what you have to offer. 

Whether that's living your happiest and most authentic life or building a kickass heart-centered business, healing from the past or building a kickass heart-centered business. ​

I started this business with $1 in my bank account and a dream. A dream to change the world, one woman at a time. To empower women to level the eff up in every aspect of their lives.

And the best part? I’m just getting started...

Now, I have the privilege to work with women around the world just like you to become the best version of themselves, through my online courses, group programs, and my sold-out private coaching program.


Truth is, my story is probably very similar to yours (and because of this, I know that living a kickass life full of happiness and freedom is possible for you too!)

I stopped trying to figure it all out and started embracing who I am as a woman.  

My life has gone from tragedy to triumph, facing challenges and various forms of abuse and violence growing up.

I used to hide away my past. Now, I wear my scars like a badge of honour, using those experiences to flip the script and spread love, support and positivity into those around me.


Favourite Drink - Pink Gin with lemonade and lime

Favourite show - Keeping up with the Kardashians and Rick & Morty

Things you’ll find all over my house: crystals and plants

Something you won’t find anywhere in my house: crocs or “live laugh love” posters

Worst nickname I’ve ever had - Queen Roshie

Tallest building I’ve been to the top in: The Empire State Building (CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE DREAMS ARE MADEEEEE OF)

The most daring thing I’ve ever done - spontaneously caught a plane to Bali with nothing but the shoes on my feet

When I’m not working I like to - Run down to the beach for a swim and to read a book

My ultimate pump up song - Truth Hurts by Lizzo or Me and My Girlfriend by Tupac (Because I’m a girl who can do both)

Person I’d like to most have dinner with - Frida Kahlo

Word that best describes me - Unbreakable